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Complex Prediction Technique

by Vitaly Krivodub

5th edition, 2003.

In 1997 the author of this book delivered lectures on astrological prediction for students of Kiev School of Astrology. A year later on this basis the first variant of Complex Prediction Technique was written and published in the Internet. The book was not only the manual for practicing astrologers, it was some kind of "a report on completed work", including statistical tables, their analysis, interpretation, etc.

After the book had been published, researches in this sphere were proceeded in several directions: statistics was collected and processed, corrections were made in the way of calculation, alternative forms of astrological objects interpretation were considered. All this made prediction work more effective, and prophecies became more exact and more concrete. In order to disseminate results of researches among astrological public, some articles with general name "Complex Prediction Technique. Additions and Remarks", have been periodically published in the Internet, where the most interesting and important materials were presented. In process of their accumulation there was a necessity for additional editions of the book which would include all collected information. As a result, in October 2003 already the fifth edition is published, and we are proposing it to your attention. Statistics and results of the researches were submitted in the book in a minimal necessary quantity, and basic attention was given to the method of investigation and its practical application.

It should be noted, that utilization of the Complex Prediction Technique is requires a great number of calculations, and making them up manually takes a lot of time. The astrological software Antares was created with the objective of solving this problem. The program not only performs all the calculations, but it also allows to use the technique without its detailed study: it is enough only to enter all necessary data, and then to use automatic interpretation of the received results. However, it will be right, if the user learns to do all the calculations manually before he/she starts working with the computer. Because one should understand, WHAT is being calculated and WHY, how this or that figure appears and what it means. For this purpose it is desirable to recalculate the examples given in the book, then to analyze some cases from your own practical experience, and then to compare the results of calculations with the indications on the computer. Therefore, in those parts of the book, where we explain some new methods of prediction, calculation procedure with the tables and calculator is shown, though in practice, of course, it is more convenient to use the program.

Pay attention to the fact, that we do not consider initial rules of astrological science in this book, this task is successfully carried out by other editions. As far as general theoretical questions are concerned, let's agree to mention them only when practical necessity arises. The point is that astrology is based on the number of fundamental metaphysical laws which do not have to be scientifically substantiated, therefore before starting to study them, it is necessary to be sure of existence of deep mutual correlation between the Earth and space phenomena. But it is possible only when there is an appropriate mathematical technology, and this what our prediction technique is. That is why at the beginning it is necessary to master order of calculations and to work with the program, and then one should use the received experience in theoretical elaboration and philosophical generalizations.

So, if the user is ready to begin studying the technique, he/she will need:
 1. Ephemeris with indication of ecliptic longitude and latitude of planets.
 2. Tables of houses by Placidus.
 3. Calculator.

If you have no ephemeris, or latitude of planets is not indicated there, it is possible to use the computer program, but only for definition of necessary coordinates, and then for checking results of manual calculations.

Having everything you need, you may begin studying this prediction technique. We hope that in the long run your efforts will be successful, and received knowledge will be used for scientific and applied purposes.
You can download this book as self-extracting file cpt5, containing its complete text in the format Microsoft Word (522 Kb).

Save the file on the hard disk and extract it. The Complex Prediction Technique folder containing the Fonts and Text catalogues and also the Readme file will be created. Begin from reading of the help file and execute the recommendations stated there.
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