Sometimes, being in other city or other country, you can have a necessity to create a horoscope or to find out the planets coordinates. With it the favourite computer at hand will not prove to be. In this case our website where it is possible to perform all necessary work directly in the network, to the aid will come.
Antares.web is intended for the users who are not having in their arsenal stationary astrological programs, or for work "in the field conditions": at a visit to Internet-cafe, using another's computer etc. You just fill in the form, type initial data and receive the result.
Some pages of the website may open in a new window, therefore if any programs blocking pop-up windows are installed on your computer, temporarily disable them.
You can discuss the project on our Forum (in Russian) or by email. Send us your offers, remarks, additions. Inform also on errors found in the program, we'll necessarily correct them. Good luck!

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