Antares 7.5
 The program offers the following opportunities
   natal chart
   preliminary rectification of the natal chart
   exact rectification of the natal chart - in manual and automatic mode
   interpretation of the natal chart
   relocation chart
   compatibility of partners
   the list of actual aspects and ingress for a month or year
   horary chart
   finding lost objects (by Alphee Lavoie)
   astrological forecasting
   solar return chart
   lunar return chart
   archive selection

 Technical opportunities
   printing horoscopes and tables on a color or monochrome printer
   saving horoscopes and tables in the graphic formats BMP, JPEG etc.
   reading texts by a synthesized voice

 The program hardware requirements
   processor 300 MHz or higher
   32 Mb RAM
   30 Mb free on the hard disk
   SVGA color monitor
   Microsoft Word or WordPad

The offered version of Antares is demo, without the key all calculations can be executed only for 1963.  More detailed...
The program is distributed as the ant75en self-extracting archive file. For installation it on your computer act in the following way:
1. Download the ant75en file and save it on the hard disk.
2. Run the file.
3. In the "Antares 7.5 Installation" window select the destination folder and press the Install button. The Antares.75e folder with all necessary files will be created in the specified directory, and the program shortcuts will appear on the Desktop and Start menu.
Pay attention, if the program will run under Windows Vista or Windows 7, it is better to specify directly the disk C or D, not Program Files, in order to avoid problems with system folders administrating.
4. Run the program using a shortcut.
5. If you have the key, please select the option Help About in the main menu and enter the code number.
6. Select the option Help User's Guide and fulfil all instructions stated there.
Please email us with any questions and wishes at astrovotum@gmail.com.

Antares 7.5

Antares 8.3