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Timezone Zakarpattia Oblast 1990
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 3.12.2019  12:51
Alois Treindlhttp://www.astro.com
 IP ...astro.ch
Please forgive me for writing in English.

In time zone history databases it is commonly claimed that
Zakarpattia Oblast had time zone GMT +1h (central european time)
between 1 July 1990 and 31 March 1991.

This is different from Kiev / Kiyv which was on GMT + 3h during the same period.

Can anyone confirm this from Ukrainian sources, like newspaper articles, or legal government documents?

Zakarpattia Oblast has borders with Slovakia (Czechoslovakia in 1990) and Hungary; both countries had GMT +1h during this period.

Please reply by email to alois@astro.com
 3.12.2019  19:47
 IP ...net.ua
Use Google Time Zone API.

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